Monday, February 16, 2009

Piccies and parcels from the nations capital

The blankets that are ready to go - sorry but for some reason blogger is putting the pic sideways??
Piccies from the sew together yesterday...

I'd like to publicly thank and acknowledge Quilting Mick, Georgie, Twitchy Fingers ,Krafty Kuka and knitting sprout who have been helping sew squares together, donating yarn, calling people back and just generally helping me out with the blankets. Cazknits, whirlsie, nettietheknitter and Jejune have also been fantastic - redistributing yarns, knitting, calling and helping out with the Canberra contingent - Thanks girls ;-)

and the pick up from todays mail run...
I think ABC must have said something about the squares again - I've had half a dozen calls this morning around 10am so there are even more knitters going for it now!! Yay!!


  1. Bec - would you or may I put the above pictures in the Yahoo group, please?

  2. Jeebers! It warms the cockles of my cold, cold heart to see so many people in a row - crocheting!!

    You are doing a splendid job, Bec. It's been an absolute pleasure helping you, and the people who will get these blankets, out.

  3. They look great. Well done. I'll be on ABC in Hobart tomorrow so that should spark things up some more.

  4. Bec
    The women of NationsHeart had a craft day on Saturday - and a number of squares have been started for you. We have enough wool/yarn between us to get going. Will get them to you when available.
    Janet McKinney

  5. Fantastic!! Very glad to be able to help out :) There are web versions of the logo available now on the Yahoo group (in the files area) if anyone wants to add it to their blog or web site etc.