Friday, April 24, 2009


The past fortnight has been very busy. I have been donated so many blankets and squares that I've finally had to ask people to stop knitting before it all overwhelms me. I shall gratefully accept any squares you have already made but please DON'T START KNITTING ANY MORE.

It is so gratifying. Instead of knitting one or two many people have knitting 20-30 and the group at Lakes Entrance have been outstanding. I also took delivery of a huge donation of squares from the U3A in Sale (University of the 3rd Age). Luckily I've had a couple of people offer to help me join them up and have also posted off more to others to be joined together.

Last week I contacted a coordinator of the Gippsland Relief Centres asking where I should take all the blankets as well as donated toys. She has just called me back and given me a number of a lady in charge of all that and apparently they are very short of blankets so they'll gladly appreciate getting ours. I'm still trying to call her, not surprisingly her phone number is always busy.

So hopefully this weekend I shall be able to take a large collection to the Relief Centre for distribution to those that need it. I shall have to type up the list of contributors to go with them this weekend and thanks to everyone who has participated in this worthy project.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

14th April 2009

OK time to update.

On the weekend of 4-5th April I had my two baby grandchildren have their first sleepover so that Mum and Dad could have a childfree weekend in Melbourne. My daughter is a stay-at-home Mum so she REALLY enjoyed the break but I can't say the same for me. The 10 month old was a perfect little angel but her 2 year old brother is lucky to be alive. Only our love saved him as he turned into the child from hell. Most of the time he was okay but bedtime and afternoon sleeps were a nightmare. It took lots of attempts and patience (from me) and lots of tears and screaming (from him) before I could finally get him to stay in bed. He got his revenge though, waking up and wandering around the house crying 11 times during the night. Add that to the two episodes from his sister and Nana and Pop were walking zombies the next day.

Somehow I don't think he was ready to be separated from Mum and Dad quite yet. But they had a relaxing weekend so something positive was achieved.

Since I last posted the squares and blankets have been arriving thick and fast, over Easter alone I would estimate 200-300 squares arrived as well as blankets, clothes and toys. It is all becoming too overwhelming so from now on I am only accepting the blankets and squares. I shall soon arrange a handover of the first batch of blankets, I just want to type up the list of contributors first to attach to each of them.

I've also since been interviewed by ABC radio in Gippsland, Hobart and Launceston and given a talk at the local CWA meeting, all of which has elicited more offers of help. Luckily some of those offers are to join squares rather than knit them which is great as the stockpile is HUGE