Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 1 12/02/2009

Well this is wonderful. Already I've received a bag of squares in the mail so my work will be cut out for me tonight. I was also contacted by an elderly lady who heard me on the radio and wanted to contribute. She can no longer knit but has generously donated two bags of yarn which will be handy for joining the squares together.

Well just got home from work so I shall go and cook my poor DH some dinner and then start on my first blanket. Only 1000 to go


  1. Do you want us to sew some of the squares together, before sending them on to you? It's a mammoth task for you alone!

  2. That would be greatly appreciated if you could.
    Thank you

  3. I'll sew what I knit up together for you before I send it on.

    Best wishes.

  4. Do you know anyone that can use some yarn. I have plenty to spare. I'm still knitting squares but I am a slow knitter and I just thought if I give some wool it would get done a lot quicker.

  5. Thank you Kylie. The yarn would be appreciated, both to knit the squares and for the joining together. I prefer to crochet them together as it is faster for me (it's the only crochet I know mind you) and I like the finished effect. I may be interviewed by the ABC again today and if I do I shall be putting out a call for more helpers to collate them as I do work full time and have to help my DH on our farm