Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 2 13/02/2009

This morning I received some patchwork squares and $50 from a lovely lady and a package for Rachael and her son so I'll call her later and arrange to drop it off. I got quite a bit done on my first blanket last night. I was sent a full post pack of 6" squares by a lady in Sale who heard me on the ABC. They are not the size I requested but she donated them anyway and there is enough there for me to make up a cot blanket so that is what I am doing.


  1. How wonderful that you started the blog about the progress of the blankets. I am onto my 3rd square and my mum has nearly finished her 3rd one. We are going to try and finish off 10 as soon as we can and then send them to you. I hope that amount will be okay with you. I also have a friend knitting some up too so there should be lots for you to sew together. I do hope that Rachael is coping. Has she received any further news of her husband.

  2. Hi Dawn - I will try to get some squares down to you - what is your address? I bet it is somewhere on the blog - duh me!

    I belong to Knit4charities and Knitting for Brisbane's Needy and have contributed through those groups already - but I want to help.

    Is crocheted squares OK too?

    My brother was last heard of in the Traralgon area - Red Cross is searching......

    Yvette in Toowoomba Qld.

  3. Thank you Sue and Yvette. No I hadn't put the address on the blog (I'm REALLY new to this) but I will do so today.

    As for the number of squares, even one from every person is great. Some people are making many, some only one. Each and every one is appreciated.