Friday, February 27, 2009

Friendships Grow

Not only are the "Blankets of Friendship" connecting friends of those who make with those who receive the finished blankets.

There is also the process of people coming together to make the blankets. Our group gatherings are growing each week and we are all meeting new people who live within our communities.

Together we often share a meal, a coffee/tea or wine and sometimes desert too! But we always share stories, experiences and our love of craft.

Here is a picture of our gathering last night.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blankets coming together!

I thought it was about time i popped in and posted here. Have been so busy organising everything I have had trouble finding time to blog :)

Our group here in the Nth East is busily knitting and crocheting squares to send down for blankets.
As Well as this, we have been very busy sewing together blankets. These particular blankets are made from pieces of the Aussie Longest Scarf attempt. I was involved with this project last year and the rolls of scarf were given out to anyone who wished to use them for charity organisations.
I originally planned to make them into blankets for our elderly citizens, but with the tragedy of the fires felt this need was more immediate. We do still plan to make blankets for our local community later in the year.

Last week at our group gathering a lady popped in to visit, she wasn't staying to knit with us, but she brought with her 6 blankets she had made herself over the years that were looking for new homes. We happily accepted them.

So after this weeks gathering we will be packaging this lot up to send down!

We are hoping to have a few more people join us to knit/crochet and sew this Thursday night, so will take the camera along!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Pics, More Blankies

The past few days have seen some more fully completed blankets coming in...

As well as quite a few more squares. The crocheting together is coming along nicely too and I'm sure we'll have quite a few more blankets done in the next week or so. It's great to see the generosity of people when a tragedy strikes. Warms the heart ;-)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 8 19.2.09

Sorry, I work full time so am not always able to post every day. Just wanted to let you know that the parcels and interest is growing which is great.

If I can work out how I shall post a pick of some of the parcels I have recieved so far, some are missing because I'm already using their squares and the ones for Rachael and her son have been delivered tonight. It was lovely to meet with her and have a cuppa, the first of many we'll share I'm sure

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Canberra collection points

Just wanted to update any Canberra knitters out there that squares/blankets/yarn can be dropped off at

Cassidy's department store - Kingston **Has loads of machine wash 8ply yarn for $2.00 a ball - perfect for squares**

Stitch n Time - Phillip - Colbee Court - **Are also offering 10% discount to customers buying yarn for blanket squares**

ABC - Cnr Wakefield & Northbourne Ave

As well as through P.O Box 212, Jerrabomberra NSW 2619 or email me at and I can arrange a pick up.

I'll be on-air again tomorrow to do an update with Alex Sloane and there will soon be piccies of our blankets up on their website. I'll put an updated link up when that's all happened.

I also have a large amount of yarn which has been donated and while some of this is great for blankets, some is not machine washable and I've also had a donation of needles so was thinking about putting these to good use with the re-stash a crafter project. Thoughts?

Day Six - 17/02/2009

Well the trickle of parcels has now developed into a stream - seven parcels today. I was interviewed by ABC in Hobart this morning and have received quite a number of emails from that which is great.

Last night I attended my craft group meeting and all agreed that we will dedicate an evening soon to sew as many blankets together as we can. With ten or so of us in the group that should give it a real boost.

It would be so much easier if I didn't work full time but DH doesn't really like the idea of me throwing my job in to pursue this project more vigorously. I've been here for ten years so I guess my boss wouldn't either so for now I keep on juggling.

Thanks to all those that have sent squares or blankets so far and to those still knitting furiously away.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Piccies and parcels from the nations capital

The blankets that are ready to go - sorry but for some reason blogger is putting the pic sideways??
Piccies from the sew together yesterday...

I'd like to publicly thank and acknowledge Quilting Mick, Georgie, Twitchy Fingers ,Krafty Kuka and knitting sprout who have been helping sew squares together, donating yarn, calling people back and just generally helping me out with the blankets. Cazknits, whirlsie, nettietheknitter and Jejune have also been fantastic - redistributing yarns, knitting, calling and helping out with the Canberra contingent - Thanks girls ;-)

and the pick up from todays mail run...
I think ABC must have said something about the squares again - I've had half a dozen calls this morning around 10am so there are even more knitters going for it now!! Yay!!

Day 5. Monday 16/02/2009

Thanks Bec, it was great to hear how things have been progressing so quickly in Canberra.

I had both good and bad news this morning. The bad news is that they found the body of Rachel's husband, my friend that inspired me to start this blanket drive.
The good news is that I had a call from the ABC. They have had so much interest in what we are doing and tomorrow are interviewing me on ABC HOBART. That will get us even more.
I have received some fully made blankets in the mail today (thanks Jane) but the squares are only trickling in so far which is giving me the opportunity to knit some myself and join the ones I have recieved so far

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Canberra contingent calling in....

What a week! It's been crazy - crazy good but totally crazy!!

There are still a few call backs that need to happen but at the moment I'm up to date with calling people back, fielding calls and picking up both yarn, squares and blankets. I have been totally overwhelmed and surprised at the number of people who want to help us make blankets - I've heard stories of loved ones passed, the horrific fires that came through our own town in 2003. I didn't live here then but the stories are shocking and I think the fires in VIC are that much more personal for lots of Canberra residets because of their own personal experience with fire.

I was also contacted by a number of people who wanted to donate yarn which I happily accepted, sorted, bagged and redistributed to some of our Canberra knitters who busily went to work on Saturday to produce these...

Thanks for letting me steal your piccie Jejune

So I now have 5 blankets all ready packaged up and ready to go and there was a group of lovely ladies who got together today to help start crocheting squares together. Can't get piccies to load but will try again to add them later. Oh and our blankies are on the ABC website as well - details here. Will try and update with more piccies of todays action later.

Day 4 - 15/2/2009

Well no Valentines pressie for me yesterday. Mind you, I'd have fallen over if I had as I've never had one before. Wedding anniversary in a week - lets see if I can do better.

Still crocheting my squares together but not much else apart from bottling fruit and putting music onto the Ipod my daughter gave me for Christmas (last Friday - long story). Never had one so it has been a challenge working it out.

How is everyone going on their squares

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day Three. 14/02/2009

So far it's been a day of cleaning - my house is covered in soot and ash. Almost done but took a break to do my quarterly BAS. Gee, the day just gets better.

Denise and I have been working together (well she's been doing the working and I've been the critic) on a flyer/poster to put up to attract even more people to knit squares. What I need to do now is find some more people to help me join them together as I work full-time too and want to get these blankets done as quickly as possible. But you'll LOVE the posters, Denise has done a TERRIFIC job.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 2 13/02/2009

This morning I received some patchwork squares and $50 from a lovely lady and a package for Rachael and her son so I'll call her later and arrange to drop it off. I got quite a bit done on my first blanket last night. I was sent a full post pack of 6" squares by a lady in Sale who heard me on the ABC. They are not the size I requested but she donated them anyway and there is enough there for me to make up a cot blanket so that is what I am doing.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 1 12/02/2009

Well this is wonderful. Already I've received a bag of squares in the mail so my work will be cut out for me tonight. I was also contacted by an elderly lady who heard me on the radio and wanted to contribute. She can no longer knit but has generously donated two bags of yarn which will be handy for joining the squares together.

Well just got home from work so I shall go and cook my poor DH some dinner and then start on my first blanket. Only 1000 to go

A Big Welcome

Welcome to all you very compassionate people who are knitting blanket squares or blankets for the 2009 bushfire victims.

I've never had a blog before so bear with me, I am on a steep learning curve here but I thought it would be nice for us to have somewhere chat about our progress with the knitting and to post photos (when I work out how)

We are knitting or crocheting 12" squares in 8ply or 10ply wool (DK or worsted) that will be joined together and then offered to victims of the terrible fires that have ravaged Victoria. All donations gladly accepted, just contact me and I'll give you an address to send them to.