Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day Three. 14/02/2009

So far it's been a day of cleaning - my house is covered in soot and ash. Almost done but took a break to do my quarterly BAS. Gee, the day just gets better.

Denise and I have been working together (well she's been doing the working and I've been the critic) on a flyer/poster to put up to attract even more people to knit squares. What I need to do now is find some more people to help me join them together as I work full-time too and want to get these blankets done as quickly as possible. But you'll LOVE the posters, Denise has done a TERRIFIC job.


  1. The poster looks GREAT!
    I'll be posting it around at work on Monoday, and might be able to get the boy to post some at his work too =)

  2. The poster is gorgeous.x

    Have already printed mine off, getting copies done tomorrow to put around my home town...

    At the bottom of the poster we have written details of our local weekly gathering to work on the blankets together which starts this coming Thursday.

  3. That's a good idea Mooska. You might even get a few new members out of it