Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day 4 - 15/2/2009

Well no Valentines pressie for me yesterday. Mind you, I'd have fallen over if I had as I've never had one before. Wedding anniversary in a week - lets see if I can do better.

Still crocheting my squares together but not much else apart from bottling fruit and putting music onto the Ipod my daughter gave me for Christmas (last Friday - long story). Never had one so it has been a challenge working it out.

How is everyone going on their squares


  1. Yay! Hope you are doing well connecting the squares you have. I started my first square today and i must say it feels really good to be actually doing something positive. I may not have much money or skills to help those affected by my love, thoughts and support will definately be in my knitting.

  2. I have nearly finished my first crochet one...not bad seeing as i only learnt to crochet last month :) Then i will knit a couple of different ones too. These will be examples for our weekly get together...will take photos to share Thursday night!