Sunday, February 15, 2009

Canberra contingent calling in....

What a week! It's been crazy - crazy good but totally crazy!!

There are still a few call backs that need to happen but at the moment I'm up to date with calling people back, fielding calls and picking up both yarn, squares and blankets. I have been totally overwhelmed and surprised at the number of people who want to help us make blankets - I've heard stories of loved ones passed, the horrific fires that came through our own town in 2003. I didn't live here then but the stories are shocking and I think the fires in VIC are that much more personal for lots of Canberra residets because of their own personal experience with fire.

I was also contacted by a number of people who wanted to donate yarn which I happily accepted, sorted, bagged and redistributed to some of our Canberra knitters who busily went to work on Saturday to produce these...

Thanks for letting me steal your piccie Jejune

So I now have 5 blankets all ready packaged up and ready to go and there was a group of lovely ladies who got together today to help start crocheting squares together. Can't get piccies to load but will try again to add them later. Oh and our blankies are on the ABC website as well - details here. Will try and update with more piccies of todays action later.


  1. Great to hear your news Bec. You ladies in Canberra have been busy haven't you? I know I donated quite a bit of money to the Red Cross at the time of the Canberra fires, now I'm really glad that I did knowing just how badly the fires can affect people - and my place didn't get burnt. Goodness knows what it would have done to me if it had, that's why I am glad that I am able to do something constructive for those less fortunate.

  2. Bec, just checked out the ABC link, that's great. Did you want them to add my PO Address too, that way you won't have to ship them to me, they can come straight here. Just a thought, or are wanting them sent there first to be joined together.

    I really, really appreciate what all you Canberra ladies are doing for us Vics, it's a good country to live in, that's for sure

  3. Glad you could use the pic, Bec, no worries :)

    Yes, the experience of living through the Canberra fires (we lived in Weston Creek at the time, and nearly lost our house) has given the Victorian fires a big impact on me, at least. I'm getting flashbacks every day...

    Thanks again Bec for doing such a brilliant job!

  4. Dawn - I think adding your address would be great! I'll Rav PM you for details.