Monday, September 28, 2009

About time I updated

Not a lot has been going on, well I have been busy but nothing much worth reporting about. Still plodding along putting the blankets together. At the moment I am working on 4-5" crocheted squares and joining them using the tunisian method which is rather time consuming but has a nice effect.

One of the local teachers saw that I am still floundering under a mass of blankets so called and offered to put one together for me during the school holidays when she needs a break from marking and assessing papers. And in a couple of weeks I'm back to Melbourne with a loaded car as one of the S&B groups from Ravelry have offered to do some sewing together too.

In addition to that I had my Mum over from Britain for a ten day visit and during her time here she crocheted together two blankets and kindly (?) left me to sew off all the ends. She did a great job and quite enjoyed it too I think as she hadn't done any knitting or crochet for years. As children we lived in hand knits all the time but I don't think she's done any since her children flew the coop

During the week I received a lovely email from a lady at an animal shelter in St Andrews. I know the blankets weren't intended for animals but these photos are so cute so how could I complain? She wanted me to share them with you so I will load them tomorrow when I have more time.

She also posted me a DVD to look at showing what their area look at pre and post the fires so I look forward to looking at it.

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  1. Wow, I've been pootling about around here and WHAT an amazing job you are doing. Most particularly given all that weaving in of ends malarkey. I'm sure every blanket you delivery is treasured and snuggled (by human or canine)...