Sunday, June 21, 2009

Blankets are going out

What a busy month, no wonder I haven't had time to add to this seriously neglected blog.

Since I was last on I have delivered the first 50 blankets to the relief centre at Traralgon South and today gave two blankets to Rachael for her and Parker. Rachael is the person that inspired this project when she lost her husband in the fires and it was decided to collect squares and put together a blanket for her - but of course we are all aware of how it has grown from that.

I have been busy sewing on logo's to more blankets and now the first 100 are on and I am just waiting for the next lot to arrive from Karen at Stitches and Things in Lakes Entrance. She is kindly donating her time and materials to making these badges and has done a terrific job.

Pictured here is Rachael with her blanket standing in her cafe in Moe called 'Groovy Tuesdays'. What a gorgeous cafe it is too with very yummy cakes so worth a visit. There is also a photo of a few of the children at Traralgon South with the blankets they selected.

I am hoping to make the trip to the King Lake/Marysville/Flowerdale region soon with at least 100 blankets to make it worth driving all that way. That will clear some space then to start piling up some more.


  1. wow this project really has grown. It's great to see all those squares together. and the blankets off to their destinations. A big thanks and well done to all the participants especially those with the task of sewing them together - it must have seemed like it would go on forever

  2. Thanks. I still have hundreds of squares here so it will be on for a good time yet. It is nice to get the first ones out though, especially as it is now so cold