Friday, May 22, 2009


FINALLY it's all coming together.

Bec is sending down 36 blankets from Canberra today with Dysons buslines which I shall collect from their depot in Bairnsdale on Sunday. I have just spoken to Chris from Rotary who is helping me to distribute all the blankets, toys, clothes etc that we have assembled so far and the first lot will go out next Friday. They are holding a dinner at Traralgon South next Friday for the residents and another lady from a group who has knitted clothes and myself have been invited. I will give a talk on what our group has achieved and will be able to assess and decide who gets what. I LOVE that idea. It means that people get to tell me if they want a bed or comfort blanket, a hat for the kiddies and whether they want wool or synthetics. I have no doubt there will be an article in the local paper about the evening and if so I shall direct you all to the internet link for it. If there isn't anyone from the paper there I shall write an article myself because I think everyone who has contributed to the cause needs to acknowledged for what they have done.

The flyer and contributors lists are up and ready to go, I shall be attaching one to each and every blanket.

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