Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cheque's in the mail...

... or should I say blankets are on the bus??

I haven't posted for ages - between full time uni and two little people there just never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done!!

As Dawn has already posted, 36 blankets have made their way from generous donors here in the ACT and we've got loads more squares that are still in various stages of being put together. I'm still getting random packages of squares in my post office box and the ABC called to say that they have 5 more bags of squares at their office for collection.

I'll be picking them up next week and working on the next lot of blankets. Hopefully in the next two months or so I'll have another lot of completed blankets ready to send down. That's the plan anyway!!

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  1. Just picked them up Bec and they look great, thanks to everyone up there. Richard from the buslines was really nice although I couldn't convince him to wash my car after he'd done his.

    Now to sew the labels on ready to distribute at the dinner on Friday night. I've been invited to a dinner at the relief centre in Traralgon South so that I can distribute blankets. I shall try to get some photos so you can share in the event a bit.